Do you sell phở?
We mainly sell Chinese flour-based noodles. We do have rice noodles available for gluten-free customers but there is a $2 upcharge.
What kind of cuisine is this?
These are Chinese noodles and dumplings.
Where do you guys get your noodles/dumplings?
We make all our noodles and dumplings in-house. Each morning and afternoon, we try to predict what our demand is and make what we need. If we run out, we make them on the fly. Many times, customers are eating things we made just a few hours prior.
Why are you guys closed from 2-4:30PM every day?
During the first weeks we were open, we found that we kept running out of stock on certain items and either have to deny the order or increase the wait time. In order to keep the great, fresh texture and taste, we try to only make as much as we expect will sell out. During the the afternoon, we make whatever is low in inventory for the following meal.
Why not just make a whole bunch at once?
We want to keep things as fresh as possible and reduce spoilage. This translates directly to a better tasting product as well as keeping costs low for the customer.
That is a lot of food. Do you guys sell a smaller size?
Our menu was designed to keep things simple for our parents with limited English capacity. To that end, we only have 1 size available for everything.
Why do you guys put broth in the noodle container for to-go orders?
This is to prevent the noodles from clumping together and end up turning into a giant ball of dough when you get home.
What can I do to prevent the noodles from getting soggy?
Unfortunately, the only answer to that is to eat them as soon as possible.
I want to take these noodles somewhere far. What can you do to help me?
We can sell the raw noodles along with the broth. You can cook the noodles yourself and it will be the same great texture.

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